Who wants to be a person who wins nothing at all…

Aim of the game

The aim of who wants to be someone who wins nothing at all.. is well, nothing really. Players answer questions getting progressively harder as they go on to win, you guessed it, nothing!

How to play

15 Multiple Choice questions will be asked, there will be 4 possible answers to choose from.

Once you answer one question incorrectly, it’s game over and you cannot continue, any points accumulated will be added to your score.

You will start the game with 4 cheats, these are the following.

50/50 – Remove 2 Incorrect Answers, leaving 1 correct and 1 incorrect answer to pick from.

Skip – You can skip this question and will be given another.

Defer – Defer the question to your opponent, be careful if they answer correctly you will lose a point, however they will lose a point if they answer incorrectly. (This is essentially another skip, however may help or hinder your opponent). If you lose a point at this stage, you may still continue playing the game.

Help Me – You ask your opponent the answer to the question, if they answer incorrectly it’s game over, answer correctly and you win the point, your opponent will have to be fair and answer honestly to the best of his/her ability.

How to score

Every question you answer correctly you will win 1 point, answer questions, 5 and 10 correctly and you will receive a bonus point for each. If you manage to get all of the way to question 15 and answer this correctly, you will receive an extra 5 Bonus Points.

Maximum points that can be won during this game is 22.

Using your points

Due to the nature of the game and the generous cheats given at the start, you may not at any point buy any additional cheats and you cannot buy lives or extra turns with banked points.

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