S1: Episode #0 – Trailer (Transcript)

Intro – Arrgh! Do you wish there was something better to listen to on that AWFUL commute to work or that tedious temper tantrum filled school run? LOOK NO FURTHER and listen to A Game of Two Halves… Let us fill your day with a genuine laugh out loud experience, play along with our trivia games, laugh along (at our expense if you wish), relax, unwind and let us take you on an adventure like no other.


Kirsty – Hello and welcome to a game of two halves, my name is Kirsty and this is my co host Dylan.


Dylan – Hello, so together we have created this, hopefully,  fun podcast to help break up any boring tasks you have or just to share a giggle with us from time to time.


Kirsty – Yeah, we have created some fun games, well not really created we have sort of put twists on original games that you will probably recognise.


Dylan – Yeah so hopefully that you can play along with us, you might even learn a thing or two along the way. That’s our aim anyway for this.


Kirsty – Added fun facts and interesting news stories, just to break things up a little bit


Dylan – So Join us for quizzes in Kirsty vs Dylan, that is one not to miss!


Kirsty – Get to know us in Kirsty’s me time and Dylan’s special time.


Dylan – As well as other silly and interesting segments, you know, fun facts, tidbits that we might throw at you from time to time.So sit down, grab a cuppa,


Kirsty – Or get ready to start the boring ironing and enjoy!


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