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    How to Get Away With Murder – How easy is it?

    In episode three, I mention my love for how to get away with murder. Let me tell you now they make it look easy!


    How to get away with murder

    Annalise Keating

    The story of how to get away with murder follows a teacher – Annalise Keating and specifically 5 people in her class – Law 101. She is a very powerful female lead, who I would not like to be on the wrong side of. Played by Viola Davies, Annalise is a practising lawyer who also teaches law in Philadelphia university. She takes a small group of her class under her wing. During this they get an up, close and personal look into grim cases. Joined by Bonnie, played by Lisa Weil and Frank played by Charlie Webber, they make up what seems to be an unbreakable group who, well get away with murder. 

    So how easy is it?

    Well like I said they seem to make it look easy. However they do have very stressful moment are are nearly caught quite a few more times than my heart can take. Each season starts with showing you exactly what happens at the end. Then the majority of the season has flash forwards. Until you catch up to the moment everything bad happens. Now this makes it sound like ‘why bother watching it?’ well I tell you what how they get there is always more interesting and they never give too much away.


    Well I would highly recommend it, I can never guess what has happened and I love to binge watch it. I can’t deal with the cliffhangers! Annalise is a deep characters and as all good characters there is more than what meets the eye! The story brings all the characters together nicely, and to be honest if you enjoy law programmes and a bit suspense, this is for you.

    Check all Three seasons on Netflix Now!


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    Scandal! Meet Olivia Pope… My Review

    In Episode three, I spoke about catching up on Scandal. Unfortunately it has now concluded but it is still worth talking about.

    Scandal Olivia Pope

    Becoming a Gladiator

    Scandal follows Olivia Pope, Played by Kerry Washington and associates, also known as gladiators. Starting in the earlier seasons you get to know Olivia as a fixer, you have body in your living room? Trying to come out? She will tell you the best way to spin the scandal so that you come out on top.

    Alongside that she is having a love affair with the most powerful man in the world. Yeah, President Fitzgerald Grant is her beau. Follow her as the scandal consumes her. 

    Meet the Pope’s

    Scandal really gets going once you met Eli Pope, played by Joe Morton. Yeah that is right, Daddy pope is probably one of the biggest mysteries in the programme. He adds a different dimension without being too far-fetched and to be honest towards the end I think he might be a little misunderstood.  Bringing in the knowledge of B-613 and the agents he is Command, and nobody takes command, Son!

    Wearing the white hat

    Trying to be the good guy comes at a cost. Not only is no one safe when your watching this programme, it is shocking to see who was the one doing the back stabbing. There is always a twist and a turn, with a lot of the story lines continuing not only through a few episodes but some seasons.

    My Thoughts

    So now I have finally finished it I feel like I can give a fair review. I loved series one, two and three. Some places after that got a little ploddy but I wanted to stick with it, and also give Huck a hug. Overall I think it is a great programme. The finale was a nice way to end it but that is all I can say. Maybe that is more because I didn’t want it to end. On the other hand, there wasn’t much more they could have done with it. 

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    Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo – My Review

    Following on from Episode Two I would like to talk more about my Netflix love, and more importantly Marie Kondo and her ability of sparking joy!

    Sparking joy Marie Kondo Netflix

    Marie Kondo

    So it was about a month or so ago I watched this. We were in the process of moving, I was high on the Hinching horse and thought I would give it a go as it might help me de-clutter while packing. I had heard of Marie Kondo before, a lot of bloggers and youtubers had spoken about her book the joy of tidying up. Well let me just say, I was probably the first to say – ‘how can tidying be joyful?!’. Well let me tell you now, very! 

    Marie is a lovely, sweet Japanese women who oddly finds tidying fun and a joy. Saying that, she loves mess because of it, as it gives her something to do. 

    Sparking Joy

    In each episode she goes to a home of different people, with different reasons for having the clutter. Whether that be a bereavement, children or just being a workaholic. Kondo comes to their home to teach them the Kon Mari method. This is something she development and it is all about filling your home with joy. So, rather than your home feeling cluttered as such, everything around you, you are happy to have. This all comes down to what sparks joy, you start with easy things, like clothes. You hold each item and see what makes you happy.

    I don’t want to go into too much detail as I think wtaching her explain it helps so much more. Kondo is a genius! Having to hold everything and feel it’s burden I suppose, then knowing that it doesn’t mean anything to you. It really helps the process of getting rid.


    Once you have gone through other items and have established what Sparking Joy really means, you move to the toughest items of them all. Anything sentimental. I am one of the worst people for this and I used to keep everything, no joke. After a bad breakup and losing one of my most treasured possessions I have learnt the items aren’t whats important. However, I wish I had Marie their to tell me that when I was sobbing!


    I think this programme is excellent, I have recommended it to friends and used the term life changing. I honestly mean that, from now enjoying folding my clothes, to knowing how to move on from stuff, it is very freeing.

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