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    Triple Frontier (Netflix) – My Review

    I discuss Triple Frontier in Episode 4 of our Podcast and I have to say, I was left feeling a little disappointed, it really interested me to learn that this was originally going to be a movie from Paramount Studios featuring Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy, I can’t help but think… Perhaps it might have been slightly better with those two in it, who knows eh?

    Movie Specifics:


    Five former Special Forces operatives reunite to plan a heist in a sparsely populated multi-border zone of South America. For the first time in their prestigious careers, these unsung heroes undertake this dangerous mission for self instead of country. But when events take an unexpected turn and threaten to spiral out of control, their skills, their loyalties and their morals are pushed to a breaking point in an epic battle for survival. Written by Netflix

    Loyalties are tested when five former special forces operatives reunite to steal a drug lord’s fortune, unleashing a chain of unintended consequences.

    My Thoughts & Review

    Where to begin… I will start by saying that this movie is action-packed, that’s no word of a lie… However, from the lineup of actors in this thing, I expected more. It starts off really well and you get to understand the backstory of the characters one-by-one and then you start to realise that hey, this might actually be going somewhere… but when you are just getting to know the characters it flashes to some scene with no relevance in a hurry to progress the story-line. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect the backstories to be hours long, but at least long enough so we can figure the characters out because throughout this movie I found myself second-guessing myself, is he actually a good guy? What’s going on here?

    Fictional movies are never really meant to be accurate, but I find this a little far-fetched in places, such as a scene where they fly a Cargo Plane above the peaks and troughs of the Alps, I mean… Come on, won’t weather conditions be bad enough to fly a Cargo Plane up there anyway? If you can look past the farfetchedness and the multiple continuity errors (Such as in one particular scene where we were in broad daylight and then BOOM all of a sudden it changed to complete darkness without much of a transition), then you are set for a good action-packed movie, full of drama a couple of surprises including one unexpected turn of events… This post is meant to be spoiler free, but if you want to know what this unexpected event is, then click below (Do so at your own risk). 

    Spoiler Ahead
    Ben Affleck gets shot in the head! – I did warn you.

    Did you look? If so – Shocker Right? I was beyond words, it’s not often something like that happens… The reason this is a recommended movie is just because of the sheer action value, the movie does a good job of keeping you interested, but I honestly went away with more questions than answers, there will undoubtedly be a sequel, because this was set up at the end (Don’t expect a great ending). 

    As much as I loved the action, this is not really anything new and I believe that it’s a story that you should only really tell once, it will be interesting to see how they pursue the storyline in the sequel, will it be a typical revenge thing, because that’s been done to death! We’ll have to see, but Netflix, please let us in a bit more and rather than doing something crazy to grab attention, create a great storyline with gripping content. 

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    How to Get Away With Murder – How easy is it?

    In episode three, I mention my love for how to get away with murder. Let me tell you now they make it look easy!


    How to get away with murder

    Annalise Keating

    The story of how to get away with murder follows a teacher – Annalise Keating and specifically 5 people in her class – Law 101. She is a very powerful female lead, who I would not like to be on the wrong side of. Played by Viola Davies, Annalise is a practising lawyer who also teaches law in Philadelphia university. She takes a small group of her class under her wing. During this they get an up, close and personal look into grim cases. Joined by Bonnie, played by Lisa Weil and Frank played by Charlie Webber, they make up what seems to be an unbreakable group who, well get away with murder. 

    So how easy is it?

    Well like I said they seem to make it look easy. However they do have very stressful moment are are nearly caught quite a few more times than my heart can take. Each season starts with showing you exactly what happens at the end. Then the majority of the season has flash forwards. Until you catch up to the moment everything bad happens. Now this makes it sound like ‘why bother watching it?’ well I tell you what how they get there is always more interesting and they never give too much away.


    Well I would highly recommend it, I can never guess what has happened and I love to binge watch it. I can’t deal with the cliffhangers! Annalise is a deep characters and as all good characters there is more than what meets the eye! The story brings all the characters together nicely, and to be honest if you enjoy law programmes and a bit suspense, this is for you.

    Check all Three seasons on Netflix Now!


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    Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo – My Review

    Following on from Episode Two I would like to talk more about my Netflix love, and more importantly Marie Kondo and her ability of sparking joy!

    Sparking joy Marie Kondo Netflix

    Marie Kondo

    So it was about a month or so ago I watched this. We were in the process of moving, I was high on the Hinching horse and thought I would give it a go as it might help me de-clutter while packing. I had heard of Marie Kondo before, a lot of bloggers and youtubers had spoken about her book the joy of tidying up. Well let me just say, I was probably the first to say – ‘how can tidying be joyful?!’. Well let me tell you now, very! 

    Marie is a lovely, sweet Japanese women who oddly finds tidying fun and a joy. Saying that, she loves mess because of it, as it gives her something to do. 

    Sparking Joy

    In each episode she goes to a home of different people, with different reasons for having the clutter. Whether that be a bereavement, children or just being a workaholic. Kondo comes to their home to teach them the Kon Mari method. This is something she development and it is all about filling your home with joy. So, rather than your home feeling cluttered as such, everything around you, you are happy to have. This all comes down to what sparks joy, you start with easy things, like clothes. You hold each item and see what makes you happy.

    I don’t want to go into too much detail as I think wtaching her explain it helps so much more. Kondo is a genius! Having to hold everything and feel it’s burden I suppose, then knowing that it doesn’t mean anything to you. It really helps the process of getting rid.


    Once you have gone through other items and have established what Sparking Joy really means, you move to the toughest items of them all. Anything sentimental. I am one of the worst people for this and I used to keep everything, no joke. After a bad breakup and losing one of my most treasured possessions I have learnt the items aren’t whats important. However, I wish I had Marie their to tell me that when I was sobbing!


    I think this programme is excellent, I have recommended it to friends and used the term life changing. I honestly mean that, from now enjoying folding my clothes, to knowing how to move on from stuff, it is very freeing.

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