Searchy McSearchface

Aim of the game

To win points by guessing if the second search term has higher or lower amount of searches than the first.

How to play

You will be given a random Search term, along with the search term it will display the average monthly searches, you need to guess whether the next displayed search term will receive a higher or lower amount of average monthly searches.

You will receive 3 lives, once you give an incorrect answer you will lose a life, once all lives have gone, it is the end of the game and the it is the next person’s turn.

Questions will be asked until no lives remain, therefore there is a potential that 100’s of points could be won.

How to score

For each correct answer you will win 1 point, for each 5th correct answer in a row you will win an additional 1 point.

Using your points

You can either buy 1 skip or 1 extra life per game per show (excluding the 1st), if you buy a skip or an extra life, this will cost 1 point, which will be deducted from your overall points total from all games across the show. If you have 0 points, then you cannot buy anything. Skips/lives don’t transfer to other games/other rounds.

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