S1: Episode #8 – Dynamite, Cats & Trivia (OUT NOW)

Episode Summary:

As always Kirsty (the font of useless knowledge) and Dylan (The techy guy), host this weeks show. We are hosting the biggest Trivia-Athon known to man! If you love trivia and learning something new, you’re in the right place!

We’re back again! With the 9th instalment of the Epic Trivia Battle – Kirsty Vs. Dylan.

In Episode 8 we play our spin on Family Feud/Fortunes – Relation Wealth!

Are you team K or Team D? Who will triumph? Can you beat us? Challenge accepted!

In the Show: 

  • #Whats That Noise is back! Take a listen in the show to the random noise and let us know what it is! You have 1 episode to guess (In the next episode we reveal all).
  • We discuss a Debit card that plays a ‘Meow’ when you make a contactless purchase.
  • We chat about a lady who mistakenly lit a stick of dynamite rather than a candle. 
  • We chat about how the felines amongst us just blatantly ignore you and everything around you!
  • We talk about Hit MMOSLG game Brutal Age.

Listen to Episode 8 of a Game of Two Halves, as always filled with recommendations, quizzes, bizarre odd and downright disturbing news stories and even more bizarre conversations between Kirsty and Dylan. 

Quotes of the Show:

“Is it tickling your pickle yet”?

“Why do you ask this when I’m not prepared? I have everything else, I’ve given the fecking cards out, I’ve got the rules up, that’s the only thing I don’t have Dylan, the only thing”!

What could we possibly be talking about? Stream or download now to find out!

Links, Resources & Credits:

‘Meowing’ Debit Card: News Article
Lady lights Dynamite instead of Candle: News Article
Brutal Age MMOSLG Game: Website

Email: hello@gameoftwo.com
Facebook: facebook.com/gameoftwo
Twitter: twitter.com/go2halves
Instagram: instagram.com/go2halves
Website: www.gameoftwo.com

We’re pumped to have you with us.

See you in the next one!


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