S1: Episode #7 – Lucky number Seven… (OUT NOW)

Episode Summary:

As always Kirsty (the font of useless knowledge) and Dylan (The techy guy), host this weeks show. We are hosting the biggest Trivia-Athon known to man! If you love trivia and learning something new, you’re in the right place!

Do you need to find something to listen to that’s light-hearted, funny, genuine and has some trivia? Look no further, give us a try 🙂

Listen to Episode 7 now for our usual antics. In Kirsty Vs. Dylan (Our Trivia Showdown challenge), will the gap be narrowed? Will there be a new leader? Can you beat us? Take a listen now and have a go … go on we dare you!

In the Show:

  • We play one of our favourite Trivia Games: Searchy Mcsearchface
  • if you’re interested in listening to some laugh-out-loud antics, then give us a listen!
  • In Kirsty’s Me time and Dylan’s Special time we each reveal more about our personal lives and share some embarrassing stories along the way, 
  • As always we provide the very best in recommendations, whether this is a product, a movie, TV show or just anything, it turns out that this time, it’s more of an Unreccomendation? Is that even a word? 
  • Take a listen to our end of the show Inspiration Collation, for a little get up and go.

Quotes of the Show:

“You’re not big and you’re not clever, STOP LAUGHING”.

“I’m pretending to be some professional Podcast person”.

“I literally couldn’t give a shite if you like it, I appreciate that may have been a little bit aggressive”.

Links, Resources & Credits:

Santa Clause Conquers the Martians: IMDB Page
(Don’t do it to yourself, just don’t)

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See you in the next one!


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