S1 – Episode #4 – Riddle me this, Riddle me that! (OUT NOW)

Episode Summary:

As always Kirsty (the font of useless knowledge) and Dylan (The techy guy), host this weeks show.

Welcome and Thank you! Thank you for sticking with us through 4 episodes and 1 giant bumper episode, it means the world.

As always in our Epic Quizzy battle, Kirsty Vs. Dylan in a brand new game – Riddle me this, Riddle me that! How good are your problem-solving abilities? Can you beat the hosts at answering our riddles?

In the show:

  • With Marvels The Avengers – End Game coming out in just a few short weeks (April 26th 2019) have you ever wanted to tie up some loose ends? 
  • Do you have some unanswered questions about any particular Avenger? 
  • Do you need clarification or some more insight into the backstory? We’ve got you covered. 
  • Take a listen to Dylan’s Special Time, where he reveals the correct order to watch all of the movies in, you will need a spare 45 hours and 15 minutes, not an issue, right? 
  • In Recommendation Station this week we talk about the Smash hit Netflix movie ‘Triple Frontier’ and an old but gold show – The Bodyguard, tune in now to listen to our spoiler-free views.

Aaand if that wasn’t enough, we have plenty more for you in-store, tune in now to get the low-down or the high-up, but never ever in the middle.

Quotes of the show:

“I like riddles and I cannot lie”

“What gets wetter and wetter … I don’t know why I’m saying this with such drama in my voice”.

“Anyway just to recap if … a shoo shoo shoo”

Links, Resources & Credits:

Triple Frontier: Our Review
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See you in the next one!


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