S1: Episode #13 – Nice & Noughties … Oh! And Brexit! (OUT NOW)

Episode Summary:

As always Kirsty (the font of useless knowledge) and Dylan (The techy guy), host this weeks show. We have an absolute corker of a show for you, filled to the brim of all things Trivia.

Do you know who bought the music streaming service ‘Napster’ in 2008?
Do you know where the Golf British Open was held in 2004?

Find out the answers to those questions and more in this weeks Kirsty Vs. Dylan, play along with us, and learn something new today!

In this show we discuss:

  • Crazy Frog: Do you remember that little guy?
  • Dial-Up Internet (Oh the pain).
  • Entertainment, Celebrities & Events from 2000-2009 in Kirsty Vs. Dylan
  • Your views on whether or not Boris Johnson is a good Prime Minister! 
  • We talk Politics, Democracy & of course Brexit (Apologies in advance). 

Quote of the show:

Dylan: “He basically wants us all to sit by a campfire and sing Kumbaya”
(Who could Dylan be possibly speaking about here? Hit that listen button and find out now)

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See you in the next one!


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