S1: Episode #12 – Erroneous Voicemails (OUT NOW)

Episode Summary:

*Quick note, Kirsty is unwell in this episode, so apologies if there’s the odd sniffle*

Join your hosts Kirsty & Dylan on a trivia adventure like no other.

Kirsty is a font of useless knowledge, so annoyingly for some, she’s pretty good at Trivia. Dylan is very much the underdog, having less general knowledge, but having greater knowledge in niche areas (such as technology). But regardless of who knows what, it’s down to the questions asked on the day! Who will be triumphant and who will be disappointed? Take a listen to find out who will the bragging rights (because that’s what counts right) in the infamous yet glorious Kirsty Vs. Dylan.

Now you know a little bit about us, let’s get to know you, come on this journey with us and we’ll guarantee to brighten your day, plus why not get on board and learn something brand new today?

Today’s Show Features:

  • A Great British Pub-style Quiz, covering British culture, Television, Music & Celebrities 
  • Someone who placed an order with Oak Furniture Land got a little more than he bargained for when left a voicemail (not to be missed). 
  • We provide some inspiration at the end of the show, with #InspirationCollation. 

Quote of the show:

Dylan: “We’ve all been there, you thought you ended the call and you’ve just said something you shouldn’t have”.

Kirsty: “Like FUCK”.

Resources & Credits:

“Woman from Oak Furniture Land makes awkward blunder during voicemail for customer”.

With thanks to Mark for allowing us to use his Voicemail.

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See you in the next one!


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