Relation Wealth

Aim of the game

Players must try to guess the most popular answers given by the British public when asked everyday but entertaining, questions.

How to play

Players start with 3 lives, every time you answer incorrectly, you lose 1 life, if you lose all 3 lives, that round ends and you will move to the next round. There are 3 rounds per person. 1 Question per round with 5 possible answers. 3 questions in total with a possible 15 answers.

How to score

Each Correct Answer will be worth 1 Point, if you manage to guess all 5 answers you will receive a bonus point, so a maximum of 6 Points per round can be awarded.

Any spot prizes you win can instantly be redeemed for 1 Point, or you can trade it in for an extra life for that round, if there are no more answers left, it has to be redeemed for 1 point.

Using your points

You are able to buy 1 extra life per game, per show (excluding the 1st), if you buy an extra life, this will cost 1 point, which will be deducted from your overall points total from all games across the show. If you have 0 points, then you cannot buy anything. Skips/lives don’t transfer to other games/other rounds.

Lives and extra lives do not carry over to the next round.

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