S1: Episode #7

Released: May 07, 2019

Listen to Episode 7 now for our usual antics. In Kirsty Vs. Dylan (Our Trivia Showdown challenge), will the gap be narrowed? Will there be a new leader? Can you beat us? Take a listen now and have a go… go on we dare you!

In Kirsty’s Me time and Dylan’s Special time we each reveal more about or personal lives and share some embarrassing stories along the way, if you’re interested in listening to some laugh-out-loud antics, then give us a listen!

As always we provide the very best in recommendations, whether this is a product, a movie, TV show or just anything, it turns out that this time, it’s more of an Unreccomendation? Is that even a word? 

Take a listen to our end of the show Inspiration Collation, for a little get up and go.

Do you need to find something to listen to that’s light-hearted, funny, genuine and has some trivia? Look no further, give us a try 🙂

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