S1: Episode #1

Released: March 21, 2019

Let us fill your day with some laugh-out-loud competitive Trivia in Kirsty Vs. Dylan featuring our Brand New (ish) game – Relation Wealth – This has nothing to do with Family Feud/Fortunes at all… (That might be a slight lie… but shhh).

Can you guess the Top answers to some of the nations most random questions? Can you Beat the hosts? Play along and Listen now to find out! 

For any Mrs Hinch fans out there, take a listen to Kirsty’s Me time and get to know the hosts a little better on a… you know, more personal level.

Then dive on into Dylan’s Special Time (Not as bad as it sounds), where Dylan delves into an odd news story about a woman who blames the ethnicity of her baby on the level of coffee her partner drinks… Take a listen to our thoughts and reactions on the matter. 

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