Bonus Episode – OUT NOW!

Episode Summary:

Episode 3 of A Game of Two Halves is a Jam-Packed Trivia filled Bonus Bonanza episode, specially compiled just for YOU!

Kirsty Vs. Dylan – Just on Speed (not literally don’t worry).

We play 4 of our witty games, some of which are a retake on the classics, with unique twists, lifelines and cheats.

Listen to our episode now to see which of the hosts are leading on our Trivia Showdown.

In the show:

  • We play SearchyMcsearcface, (which search terms are more popular)? 
  • We play Relation Wealth (Our take on Family Feud/Family Fortunes)
  • We play Who wants to be a person who wins nothing at all!
  • We play Name that tune! (Fine musical trivia)
  • Also, in case you didn’t know already, Kirsty walks you through how to work out a tally chart! 

Not one to miss, join us for 50 minutes of non-stop quiz time, playing 4 unique games. (This is basically ear porn for the trivia fan).

Quotes of the show:

“Well, how do you feel about that”?
“A bit sad” 🙁
“Yay, it’s the only game I’ve beaten you on”

Links, Resources & Credits:

Game Rules: http://gameoftwo.com/our-games
Email: hello@gameoftwo.com
Facebook: facebook.com/gameoftwo
Twitter: twitter.com/go2halves
Instagram: instagram.com/go2halves
Website: www.gameoftwo.com

See you in the next one!


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