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    Bonus Episode – OUT NOW!

    Episode Summary:

    Episode 3 of A Game of Two Halves is a Jam-Packed Trivia filled Bonus Bonanza episode, specially compiled just for YOU!

    Kirsty Vs. Dylan – Just on Speed (not literally don’t worry).

    We play 4 of our witty games, some of which are a retake on the classics, with unique twists, lifelines and cheats.

    Listen to our episode now to see which of the hosts are leading on our Trivia Showdown.

    In the show:

    • We play SearchyMcsearcface, (which search terms are more popular)? 
    • We play Relation Wealth (Our take on Family Feud/Family Fortunes)
    • We play Who wants to be a person who wins nothing at all!
    • We play Name that tune! (Fine musical trivia)
    • Also, in case you didn’t know already, Kirsty walks you through how to work out a tally chart! 

    Not one to miss, join us for 50 minutes of non-stop quiz time, playing 4 unique games. (This is basically ear porn for the trivia fan).

    Quotes of the show:

    “Well, how do you feel about that”?
    “A bit sad” 🙁
    “Yay, it’s the only game I’ve beaten you on”

    Links, Resources & Credits:

    Game Rules: http://gameoftwo.com/our-games
    Email: hello@gameoftwo.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/gameoftwo
    Twitter: twitter.com/go2halves
    Instagram: instagram.com/go2halves
    Website: www.gameoftwo.com

    See you in the next one!


  • Recommendations

    Hinching – My Recommendation to you

    In episode one, in Kirsty’s me time I talked about Mrs Hinch and the craze Hinching. Now if you seriously still haven’t looked her up here is the link to do that (Click Me!)

    Mrs Hinch Sophie Hinchcliffe

    She has brought us a new word and craze Hinching! Let me tell you; I am hinching mad. Hinching is just another word for cleaning but I now say hinching which is bad. Anyway, I love her, love hinching, love her dog and she honestly makes my day.

    Hinching top tips!

    Like I said on the episode, she posts stories about cleaning – her hints and tips for getting your house hinched! Now some may sound bizarre, for example that time I squeegeed the stairs and Dylan thought I had finally lost it. However, I had just hoovered and the amount for cat fluff I STILL picked up, is actually sickening.

    Along side the cleaning, she is a really lovely down to earth person. She genuinely makes me smile and brightens my day. I mentioned I suffer from anxiety, and so does she but she doesn’t hide it and I can relate to her a lot. She is always apologising at the moment, being pregnant and not doing a lot of hinching but honestly that is not what she is all about. Her personality is what draws you in, the cleaning tips are a bonus.

    The Woman herself

    She is from Essex, living with her husband and beautiful dog in there gorgeous home, she is still really down to Earth – shopping at B&M, home bargains and pound stretcher to name a few. From recommending bum cream to making nachos with way too much chilli sauce, she is hilarious!

    I would say that even if you aren’t bothered about hinching, she is honestly worth just looking up to put a smile on your face! 

    Mrs Hinch you get 5*s from me!



  • Recommendations

    Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo – My Review

    Following on from Episode Two I would like to talk more about my Netflix love, and more importantly Marie Kondo and her ability of sparking joy!

    Sparking joy Marie Kondo Netflix

    Marie Kondo

    So it was about a month or so ago I watched this. We were in the process of moving, I was high on the Hinching horse and thought I would give it a go as it might help me de-clutter while packing. I had heard of Marie Kondo before, a lot of bloggers and youtubers had spoken about her book the joy of tidying up. Well let me just say, I was probably the first to say – ‘how can tidying be joyful?!’. Well let me tell you now, very! 

    Marie is a lovely, sweet Japanese women who oddly finds tidying fun and a joy. Saying that, she loves mess because of it, as it gives her something to do. 

    Sparking Joy

    In each episode she goes to a home of different people, with different reasons for having the clutter. Whether that be a bereavement, children or just being a workaholic. Kondo comes to their home to teach them the Kon Mari method. This is something she development and it is all about filling your home with joy. So, rather than your home feeling cluttered as such, everything around you, you are happy to have. This all comes down to what sparks joy, you start with easy things, like clothes. You hold each item and see what makes you happy.

    I don’t want to go into too much detail as I think wtaching her explain it helps so much more. Kondo is a genius! Having to hold everything and feel it’s burden I suppose, then knowing that it doesn’t mean anything to you. It really helps the process of getting rid.


    Once you have gone through other items and have established what Sparking Joy really means, you move to the toughest items of them all. Anything sentimental. I am one of the worst people for this and I used to keep everything, no joke. After a bad breakup and losing one of my most treasured possessions I have learnt the items aren’t whats important. However, I wish I had Marie their to tell me that when I was sobbing!


    I think this programme is excellent, I have recommended it to friends and used the term life changing. I honestly mean that, from now enjoying folding my clothes, to knowing how to move on from stuff, it is very freeing.

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